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    Buffalo, NY 14204

    Health Insurance

    Elderwood Health Plan provides an array of home support services for individuals who are determined Medicaid Eligible with a chronic illness or disability and in need of community based long-term services for more than 120 days. We ensure access to needed services and help to mange home care. Members keep their own doctor, as well as Medicaid, Medicare, or Part D coverage. If they have it. Depending on income there may be a Medicaid spend-down to enroll. The main goal of managed long-term care is to help you or a loved one to stay at home as long as possible. It gives members the care needed to do daily activities that may no longer be manageable without help. Elderwood Health Plan provides medical, personal, and social services. Managed long-term care plans provide community-based long-term care services, like home health and nursing home care, and ancillary and ambulatory services like dentist or optometry services. Members get services from their primary care physicians and inpatient hospital services using their Medicaid and/or Medicare cards.

  • Updated February 4, 2022