GSA Grant

Niagara Pride, Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) organization serving LGBTQ+ individuals and families in Niagara County, NY and the surrounding areas. We believe in the power of education and recognize that finances remain a critical barrier for all students, even more so for those who are LGBTQ +.

The Niagara Pride Niagara County High School GSA Grant is a unique funding opportunity for Niagara County high schools with a Gender/Sexuality Association (Gay/Straight Alliance) in order to help create diversity and inclusion programming that is affirming for LGBTQ+ students.

The Fall 2022 application has now closed.

Applicant Criteria

We invite all who meet the following criteria to apply:

  • A representative of a GSA in Niagara County, New York

Application Requirements

  • Grant funding is to be used to develop educational programming that affirms LGBTQ+ students and helps create a more diverse and inclusive environment at the school
  • Examples of possible projects include:  inviting an LGBTQ+ guest speaker to address the student body; purchasing LGBTQ+ affirming books for the school library; creating a permanent display at the school for LGBTQ+ awareness
  • Grant awards will be paid in the form a check directly to the school to be used for the funding of the program/project outlined in the application and not directly to individuals (neither teachers, club advisors, nor members of the GSA) 
  • Grant recipients are welcome to re-apply the following year to develop new programming at their school
  • Grant recipients will also need to sign a release of information so that Niagara Pride can include winners in a press release as well as use photos from programs created as a result of the grant on our website and/or our social media

For more information:
If you have questions about the grant, please feel free to reach out to Chris Phillips (Programming Committee Chair) at or Ronald Piaseczny (President) at

Past Winners


Niagara Pride, Inc. Announces Winners of the Inaugural Niagara County High School GSAs Grants to Promote LGBTQ+ Diversity

Niagara Falls, NY – In 2022, Niagara Pride, Inc. launched a new initiative with the goal of aiding Niagara County high school Gender/Sexuality Associations (Gay/Straight Alliances or GSAs for short) to create programming, by offering several $500 grants.

The Niagara County High School GSAs Grant requires that schools receiving the grant use the funding to develop educational programming that affirms LGBTQ+ students and helps to create a more diverse and inclusive environment at the school.

Funding for this program has been made possible with donations from local businesses and community members who have made contributions throughout the year to Niagara Pride, Inc. As a result of overwhelming support, Niagara Pride was able to offer a total of seven grant awards.

This year’s winners are:

  • Aaron Mossell Junior High School
  • Barker High School
  • Lewiston-Porter High School
  • Newfane High School
  • Niagara Falls High School
  • North Tonawanda High School
  • Royalton Hartland High School

Winning ideas included have ranged from bringing in guest speakers to the school to creating in-school displays to help create welcoming environments and educate on LGBTQ+ identities. Others include acquiring LGBTQ+ books and resources for the school library and creating an art display.

In addition to the grant funding, Niagara Pride has offered to provide each of the winning schools free LGBTQ+ Diversity training for the school or organization.

Niagara Falls High School GSA
Newfane High School GSA
Aaron Mossell Junior High School GSA
Roy-Hart High School GSA
North Tonawanda High School GSA
Barker High School GSA