Group Facilitator

Niagara Pride Seeking 2 Group Facilitators To Help Expand Programs and Services Offered In Niagara County To The LGBTQ+ Community

At this time, Niagara Pride is seeking 2 Group Facilitators to enhance the number and types of services being offered by our organization in Niagara County, NY. If you are interested in being a group facilitator, please complete the online application here.

The two groups currently in need of facilitators are:

•. LGBTQ+ Senior and Care Giver Support Group – group facilitator would be able to speak to community resources available for LGBTQ+ seniors and/or caregivers, potentially make referrals, listen to the needs attendees are reporting

•. Family Support Group for those with family members who are LGBTQ+ – this group is designed to be a support for families of LGBTQ+ individuals to be able to get support, speak openly, get resources

Group Facilitator Specifics:

•. Group Facilitator is considered an independent contractor and NOT an employee of Niagara Pride. •. •. Facilitator will receive $100.00 to run a 1-hour group one time a month starting in 2023 and ending in December 2023. If the Facilitator lives outside of Niagara County, travel reimbursement can be provided at the federal travel reimbursement rate.

Facilitator will need to run the group for that month in order to receive payment for service.

•. Group Facilitator will decide the day and time of the group and the location of the group (needs to be in Niagara County).

•. If a group session runs for 3 sessions with no attendees, the group facilitator will meet with Niagara Pride Programming Committee to discuss options such moving location, different marketing, different group topic, etc.

•. The Group Facilitator will need to be either an LMHC, LMSW, or have some other credential that is appropriate for the type of group being offered (these are not social meet up groups, but rather would serve a specific need we have identified)

•. Individuals interested in being a Group Facilitator would submit a resume to and undergo an interview by at least 3 board members

•. Group Facilitator needs to have knowledge of the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ community and have a strong interest in working with LGBTQ+ individuals in order to provide safe and affirming programming.

•. Group Facilitator will be responsible for developing a group curriculum/handbook, outlining topics to be presented, activities, resources, etc. to be utilized as a guide for the group. Curriculum would need to be presented to the Programming Committee for review prior to the start of the group.

For more information, please reach out to Ronald Piaseczny, JD, LMHC at