Board of Directors

Niagara Pride, Inc. has two openings on its Board of Directors. We are seeking highly motivated individuals, with diverse backgrounds and experience who have a passion to work with the LGBTQ+ population in Niagara County, a predominately rural county, as well as in other parts of WNY.

We’re looking for Experienced Board Members with at least several years of experience in Nonprofit Operations, Accounting, Grant Writing, Public Relations, Nonprofit Law and Legal Compliance, Marketing, and Event Planning.

What will be your primary responsibilities as a Board Member?

The Board of Niagara Pride is a working board. Board members volunteer their time to carry out the following tasks:

· Perform the functions necessary for the day-to-day operations of the organization;

· Plan, organize, and execute the delivery of programs and events;

· Assist with fundraising efforts and work actively to secure adequate funding for the organization;

· Provide governance and leadership support.

General Duties of the Board Member:

· Attend quarterly Board meetings (3 hours every 3 months)

· Serve on a Committee to assist with the overall day to day operations of the agency (ie. Programming Committee, Finance Committee, Grant Committee, etc.) (approximately 4-5 hours a month)

· Assist with implementing and executing Niagara Pride’s community-based events and programs (up to 10 hours a month)

· Perform needed administrative tasks and duties, including but not limited to accounting, communications, correspondence, fundraising, grant writing, program services, etc. (up to 10 hours a month)

  • Use knowledge and connections to further our mission
  • Communicate and serve as a trusted advisor to the Officers of the organization
  • Assist in identifying and recruiting other Board members
  • Ensure effective organizational planning, and monitor the effectiveness of programs and activities
  • Act as an ambassador for the organization, and forge connections with key stakeholders

Organizational Overview:

Niagara Pride, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving LGBTQ+ individuals and families in Niagara County and the surrounding WNY area. We offer community-based educational programming and engage in charitable work. Niagara Pride collaborates with other organizations to offer LGBTQ+ programming, social meet ups, Diversity and Inclusion training for organizations and businesses, health-based initiatives, and other visibility events, including numerous June Pride events. As part of our charitable outreach, we have multiple donation drives throughout the year, which benefit individuals, families, and children in need. Niagara Pride, Inc. also facilitates welcoming social events, creating safe spaces in the community for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Mission of Niagara Pride:

1. Promote visibility of the LGBTQ+ community throughout Niagara County of New York State and the surrounding WNY area.

2. Create safe and welcoming events and meetings for LGBTQ+ individuals, families, and allies, to allow for positive socialization that is free of bullying, harassment, and of any negative stigma associated with identifying and being a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

3. Create community partnerships with local organizations to promote the enhancement of mental, physical, social, and overall holistic wellbeing of LGBTQ+ individuals in Niagara County and the surrounding areas.

4. Engage in community service and charitable programming designed to promote our mission and help others in the community.

5. Create community based educational programming aimed at increasing awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and eliminating discrimination.

Qualifications to be a Board Member:

· Directors shall be of the age of majority in New York State.

· Directors shall serve without compensation.

· Be willing to invest unpaid time and sweat equity in assisting Niagara Pride with carrying out events and programming, attend meetings, and solicit for donations. As there is no paid staff, Niagara Pride’s Board functions as a working Board, carrying out all governance and day-to-day operations of the agency.

· Board members will not be expressly or implicitly asked or required to donate money or goods or services to Niagara Pride, but rather for the good of the organization, will be required to assist with overall organizational fundraising endeavors and/or the organization, implementation, and execution of programming and events.

· Given the sensitive nature of the work conducted by Niagara Pride, Board Members cannot have felony convictions.

· Annually disclose any potential conflicts of interest with their employment, family, or other community involvement, which may interfere with the Board or overall operation of Niagara Pride

An Ideal candidate for the Board would…

1. Identify as a member of or be a strong ally of the LGBTQ+ community

2. Understand issues, challenges, obstacles facing the LGBTQ+ community

3. Have experience working with individuals, families, youth, or seniors who identify as LGBTQ+

4. Have experience with working boards of nonprofits

5. Have knowledge or skills with administrative duties such as public relations, correspondence, organizing volunteers, social media development, nonprofit bookkeeping/finances, grant writing, program implementation

6. Serve on Niagara Pride’s Board of Directors without remuneration or compensation.

Desired Skills and Experience:

This position requires the following skills/knowledge in a few of the following areas: Accounting, Event Planning / Management, Fundraising, Networking, Public Relations, Community Relationship Building, Community Service Program Development and Implementation.

Application Submission:

If you are interested in applying for a position on our Board of Directors, please send us an email along with your resume to Justin DeCleene at